5 things you need to know about Samoa

Never heard of Samoa? Sadly, you’re not the only one. Apparently, great rugby teams and a claim as the birthplace of the Polynesian people isn’t enough to truly be on the map. This Pacific country has been mostly overlooked in guidebooks and geography lessons, but I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about The Independent State of Samoa. Continue reading “5 things you need to know about Samoa”

5 of the most unusual Cup Noodles flavours

Cheap, tasty and easy to make, Instant Noodles were invented back in 1971 by Momofuku Ando. Trying to get post-war Japan to eat more American wheat flour, the Taiwanese businessman created the original instant ramen: Nissin’s Cup Noodles.

You might think of them as a student’ staple, but there is much more to instant noodles than struggling college youngsters. 100 billion servings of instant noodles were consumed last year, they have three museums dedicated to them in Japan and are, as reported by BBC, used as currency in American prisons. Continue reading “5 of the most unusual Cup Noodles flavours”

20 things you should (probably) put in your bag

It seems to always be the biggest issue when planning a trip (extensive or not): what to pack.

I don’t believe in “packing” so much as “stuff I can’t do without” and “stuff it would be nice to have but…” and I pile stuff on the floor accordingly.

To help out anyone who might be slightly confused about what to take on the road, here is a very non-exhaustive list of things you should not have to do without whilst backpacking the world.

Continue reading “20 things you should (probably) put in your bag”

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