20 pictures that will make you want to go to Samoa

Samoa is paradise. Don’t believe the hype? Here are 20 pictures of Upolu (one of the islands of Samoa) that will make you want to pack up right now and hop on a flight to Upolu!  Continue reading “20 pictures that will make you want to go to Samoa”


The 7 best beaches in New Zealand

Whilst we have entered winter and might feel slightly depressed – read utterly devastated – at the upcoming dark and cold days, the other side of the world is looking at days on the beach, suntans and BBQ.

We would love to join them, but we might have to live vicariously and only dream of where we would go if only we could escape winter.

For some dreamy inspiration, here are 7 of my favourite beaches in Aotearoa, an extremely personal – and probably contentious – list of places I genuinely cannot wait to go back to. Continue reading “The 7 best beaches in New Zealand”

Could Brisbane be the best Australian city?

Having written about Australia before, I thought it was about time I featured one of my favourite city on the East Coast of the country-continent.

Brisbane is grossly overlooked, with most people flying in and out of Melbourne or Sydney, praising the culture of one and the beaches of the other.

Not nearly as touristy as other spots, Brisbane derives its charms from being a liveable (and likeable) city with few tourists trying to decipher maps in the middle of its streets. Plus it has loads of things to do.

Continue reading “Could Brisbane be the best Australian city?”

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