5 things to do when coming home

Coming back from a trip is always bittersweet. From happiness at finally stopping for a minute and having all your stuff with you to reminiscing and checking out opportunities for your next stint on the road, here are the five things I always do within 24hours of landing somewhere I call “home.”

1 Cook

No matter how much I ate before and during a flight, I always make a beeline for the kitchen straight after coming home. I love cooking and one of the things I miss the most when travelling is whipping up extravagant meals from scratch.

2 Washing machine

The minute I open my travel bags, I dump almost the entire content in the washing machine. Yes, I do use laundry facilities at hostels and even go to the Laundromat during my trips but no matter how many times I’ve used up all my coins to get clean clothes, I have yet to come home without dirty clothes.

3 Catch up on TV shows

Binge-watching TV shows is a sad reality of our lives. Nobody’s immune to the lure of the cliffhanger. Going months without checking out anything, I usually find myself watching episode after episode of some of my favourite shows when home. Considering I never watch TV when travelling, a binge-watch session is always de rigueur when coming back.

4 Look at flights

After all the previous items have been ticked off my list, the fact that I’m not on the road anymore properly sinks in and the happiness of clean clothes, hours of screen time and a belly full of yummy food wears off. Within 24 hours, you’ll find me checking flights, new destinations and travel deals.

5 Sleep

Travelling is amazing, but it’s also incredibly tiring. Between late nights and early mornings, new friends and running around trying to take everything in, a good night sleep is often forgotten. Home means bed times aplenty and I take full advantage of not having to leave the house much.

Bedtime also means dreamtime and what better way to figure out where I’m going next than by dreaming about it?

What are your first 24 hours at home like after a trip? Let me know in the comments!

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