Where to get a cup of coffee on the East Coast of Australia?

In the magical land of Oz, at the end of your journey on the yellow brick road, is something even more exciting than Emerald city: coffee! And when I say coffee, I mean really good coffee available from an array of different shops, accompanied by heavenly sandwiches and fluffy cakes.

Australia has been renown for its coffee shops for a bit now, and every trip to this country-continent has to start, and end, with a cup of coffee.

Coffee being a bit of a drug for me, believe me when I say I have sampled hundreds of cups whilst travelling. And even though there are some days you really need to get online and end up at Starbucks, there are also the exciting days of popping into a new shop to get your fix. These little trips can sometimes end in utter horror and disappointment (it happens, even in Australia), but when you do find a good cup of coffee: Oh, the joy! I would liken the feeling to ecstasy (not the drug).

I have found these perfect cups everywhere from Melbourne to Brisbane, and because I believe in passing the joy around, here are the low downs on the search for the “just right” coffees on the East Coast of Australia.


1000 £ bend 
This is, without a doubt, one of my favourite coffee place in Australia. I might be biased, as one very dear friend of mine works there, but I could not write about coffee shops without mentioning it.

Good coffee, great food, free wifi in a super cool space, 1000 £ bend is also a gallery and a bar. It’s nice and relaxed, with a little “je ne sais quoi” that makes you feel at home. This is the perfect place for working, grabbing brunch, or just picking up coffee on your way to a meeting.

Museum of Melbourne 
Average coffee, but it’s nice to chill at Museum of Melbourne. I didn’t try the food, as the sandwiches looked like they had seen better days, but with free wifi, it’s still a nice place to stop at after an exhibition.

Allpress Roastery Café in Collingwood 
Allpress is a favourite of mine. At least the one in London is. I still remember how excited I was when it opened, a little bit of NZ (where I used to live) right there, a short walk away from my flat!

The Melbourne café delivers true Allpress coffee, so be ready for a perfect cup, and has an outdoor courtyard for sunny days.


M Deli Cafe in Bondi 
My local when in Sydney, M Deli is everything you want from a coffee shop. It has great coffee, great food (you will want to sample everything, and you should!) and a nice mix of customers (families with kids, surfers and backpackers…). The prices are a bit steep, but it is definitely worth it. The queue, which can be quite daunting on the weekend, should not discourage you. This is truly a spot to check out when you are in Tamarama.

Brewtown in Newtown 
Brewtown is cool. That’s the first thing you need to know. What go with it are the crowd and the cronuts. But, foodie fads aside, this is coffee heaven. Perfect cups, plus good food to accompany it. Stay away during lunch hours!

Byron Bay

Oh, Esspressohead! I’ve never eaten there, but this was my go to shop when in Byron for huge cups of morning coffee. The service is not great, at least when you are only taking away, but the coffee really is good, so put up with it.

Twisted Sista
I like Twisted Sista, mainly for its outside seats and its salmon-cream cheese bagels. The coffee isn’t bad either. It is also a good place to chill. Whilst the service is pretty slow, it also means they literally do not give a damn how long you spend sat there with one tiny cup of coffee.


The Bakeologists in New Farm
Staying at a friend’s place in Brisbane, I was lucky enough to be around the corner from The Bakeologists. Not only is their coffee good, but they bake amazing bread, cakes, sell great sandwiches, and the staff is nice and always up for a chat.


1000 £ bend
361 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Museum of Melbourne
11 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053

Allpress Roastery Café
80 Rupert Street

M Deli Cafe
32 Fletcher St, Bondi NSW 2026

6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown NSW 2042

Shop 7 / 5-11 Byron Street, (entrance Middelton st, opposite Byron Court House)
Byron Bay NSW 2481

Twisted Sista
4 Lawson St
Byron Bay, NSW 2481

The Bakeologists
81 Merthyr Road
New Farm, QLD

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