7 Dubai pics that prove malls aren’t everything

Dubai is one of those places you either love or hate. Standing firmly in the first category, I am always saddened when the Emirate is dismissed as another “shopping destination.” There’s more to do in Dubai than visiting malls! If you don’t believe me, scroll down. Continue reading “7 Dubai pics that prove malls aren’t everything”


Booking a hostel might be the best decision of your trip

My friend E. has just discovered the joys of hostelling. She’s not new to travelling but she’s never trusted hostels.

When she decided to move to South East Asia – something that did not last – she took my advice and booked a couple of days at a hostel first. Fast-forward to last weekend, when she told me that was the best bit of her trip. Continue reading “Booking a hostel might be the best decision of your trip”

This is what travelling is all about!

It hasn’t been a week since I came back from a trip to Sicily, Vulcano, Lipari and Naples and I am still trying to process the three weeks I spend pretending winter wasn’t real.

This trip was amazing, the weather held up – mostly – and I got to see some amazing sights. But one thing that will probably make an ever longer-lasting impression on me than the beauty of Siracusa or the wonder of walking through a roman villa at Stabiae are the people I met. Continue reading “This is what travelling is all about!”

How to get to Segesta when everyone says you can’t

Whilst in Sicily, one thing you cannot miss is the archaeological park of Segesta. Visiting after Halloween, however, means the season is over. This could simply translate to fewer tourists, cheaper prices and a lot more fun and it does. What it also means is that most “touristy” things like transport to famous sites around the island stop.

Not one to be deterred by a simple “that’s not possible” from, arguably, more knowledgeable people than me – read the hotel receptionist and everyone online who’s ever been to Sicily – I signed up to BlaBlaCar and found a ride to Segesta. Continue reading “How to get to Segesta when everyone says you can’t”

The 7 best beaches in New Zealand

Whilst we have entered winter and might feel slightly depressed – read utterly devastated – at the upcoming dark and cold days, the other side of the world is looking at days on the beach, suntans and BBQ.

We would love to join them, we might have to live vicariously and only dream of where we could go if only we could escape winter.

Here are 7 of my favourite beaches in Aotearoa, an extremely personal – and probably contentious – list of places I genuinely cannot wait to go back to. Continue reading “The 7 best beaches in New Zealand”

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